Lawn Care

Professional Spraying Service

In 2009 Greenwood Eco-Logics LLC became a licensed and registered business by

NYSDEC to offer commercial lawn and tree services. Since 2009 we have added

proper licensure to also treat commercial Right of Ways.

If your lawn is not as green and lush as you desire, contact us to get a plan to correct

your turf issues. After doing an on-site evaluation we can get a proper plan on how to

treat your property to get your issues corrected. Greenwood Eco-Logics LLC can

treat your lawn for undesirable weeds, plants, grubs and insects, correct the pH level,

and apply the correct amount of nitrogen. Among other issues we can easily rid your

lawn of dandelions. We can also thicken your lawn by slice seeding, core aerating

and de-thatching.

Greenwood Eco-Logics LLC is also licensed to treat your trees and shrubs to keep

them healthy and vibrant. Do you have Ash trees on your property? If so, now is the

time to treat for protection against the Emerald Ash Borer. The longer you go without

proper treatment, the higher the odds are that your ash trees could be devastated by

this invasive species.

How long has it been since you have fertilized your trees? The trees that decorate

your lawn and landscape need fertilizing too. Fertilizing your trees will help the

overall health and life of your trees. Greenwood Eco-Logics LLC is equipped with

deep root fertilizer guns to treat the trees and shrubs on your property, whether they

are easily accessed or hard to reach; do not procrastinate another season.

We also treat several commercial, and utility properties. Several of these locations are

looking for complete vegetation control along fence lines, within fenced in high

voltage sub-stations, around power poles, and along Right of Way accesses.

As with all of our other professional services, Greenwood Eco-Logics is properly

licensed, insured, and equipped to safely and effectively treat your location to reach

your desired results. Do not hesitate to contact Greenwood Eco-Logics LLC.

Landscaping & Excavation

Are you looking for a professional company to install a water line, drainage, a new

lawn, repair or install a new driveway, or possibly clear a section of your property?

Greenwood Eco-Logics LLC is equipped to handle these projects and more.

Greenwood Eco-Logics LLC not only has the equipment, but also the knowledge of

how to appropriately tackle these projects.

We are insured and equipped for:

 Excavation

 Tree removal

 Stump grinding

 New lawn installation and repair

 Premium screened topsoil and compost sales and delivery

 Trenching for water and electric lines

 Digging for foundations and footers

 Driveways and parking areas

 Patios and retaining walls

 Tree planting-hardwood, softwood, fruit and decorative

Do not hesitate to call. Greenwood Eco-Logics LLC is happy to look at your

landscaping and excavation needs.

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