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Are your floors looking worn down, weathered by traffic or maybe water

damaged? Maybe you are in the market to install new hardwood flooring and

add value and comfort to your home, or office. Greenwood Eco-Logics LLC has

expertise and proper equipment for your hardwood flooring needs and tastes.

Jason had the unique opportunity to learn craftsmanship from his grandfather

who was a career custom homebuilder from the early 1950’s through the mid

90’s. All floors that are installed new, or repaired and re-finished are all treated

with true craftsmanship and personal pride when completed by Greenwood Eco-

Logics LLC.

If you are looking for new flooring, Greenwood Eco-Logics can provide a unique

array of prefinished or unfinished flooring. Whether you prefer prefinished or

unfinished flooring that will be finished after installation, we can give your area a

unique look.

If you are looking to have an existing floor refinished you have come to the right

place. Greenwood Eco-Logics LLC can have flooring machined to match your

existing floor if areas need to be patched. Your flooring will be sanded bare and

coated with commercial grade finish that is designed to protect your flooring for

years of heavy use and traffic.

If you are ready to have the personal and professional touch of true

craftsmanship contact us today for a personal appointment.

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